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Longjing love

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    last month, my friend sent me to Longjing, West Lake. Friends know my good tea, especially on the way to Shanghai to Hangzhou on the road, I bought two boxes. I took advantage of the rainy days have nothing to do, will Ryo I a pot, savor, heart can't help a stream in rolling, the stream, I myself also said not clearly, warmth from the tea, or friends bring moved me.

    this should be like tea, from junior high school there, then drink the tea, as the country produced. Tea drink a lot, but the only one in Longjing. This kind of love, and I love that seems to make Mo dance Wen grandpa about. Grandfather also like Longjing, he is a primary school teacher, the salary is little, can not afford to buy Longjing, but the grandfather but always a way to get a lot of Longjing tea. His closet, always hidden some different brands of Longjing tea, he often take out to amuse oneself, since the taste, when I was still a little, do not understand the Longjing is, my grandfather also like let me drink, I had mistakenly thought the world tea is a taste bitter. Then the mother that grandpa likes Longjing, he will choose to be in a good mood of the afternoon, half closed the door, and a cup of tea, tire of its tired looking at each of the book & hellip; & hellip; < br / >
    often have friends from afar, I will brew a pot of Longjing. Longjing is my favorite tea, I always believe that as long as I like, friends will love. They sat in my humble and narrow bookstore, or reading, or watching TV, or chat, talk and laugh, smoke from the Longjing tea aroma, fresh smelling, tender fragrance.

& nbsp; & nbsp; there are times, poets pony accompany Yunnan friends come to my house, walking a hurry, leaving of Yunnan Province before the friend said: your home this pot of Longjing tea, feeling good, careful aftertaste, like just satiate meal, throat have shares Gan Qingchun cool feeling. I said I was busy, I have half a box, you take it, you take … … say that, regardless of the refusal of friends, busy into his bag.

    his girlfriend often complained that the home of the tea, you do not drink other, light like Longjing, to spend a lot of time each month. Would you like your drink, why let friends drink, also some people. Therefore, girlfriend with no less trouble me. Sometimes I would also to not anger the girlfriend, deliberately Longjing down in other tea box, pretending to say to a friend, we have to try to buy a new tea & mdash; & mdash; Tianzhu Maojian tea, and tried to smile to a friend the wink. Make trouble, his girlfriend noisy over a few words, you forget. Girlfriend every time I see my friends, always consciously take out Longjing, on the tea table. I know that is the girlfriend of my preference, watching his girlfriend so considerate, I often guilty.

    Longjing for almost ten years, I know the feeling. I also often ask myself, Longjing, Longjing, when I can break the preference for you, good let me love my girlfriend, no longer noisy, quiet? Over the years, I not only did not change their own Longjing, but from drinking Longjing's life to realize the philosophy of life: a philosophy of how to treat friends in good faith.