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Tieguanyin, our nostalgia

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& nbsp; & nbsp; is very small when I came into contact with the tea, tea is not, but as of libertinism drinks, age is still small, not understand tea things, tea ceremony, only some gulps. Every morning, early grandfather will be cooked a pot of boiling water to bubble Tieguanyin, which seems to be his habit, dozens of years as one day. Summer, my grandfather always support a fan, narrow her eyes, gently sip a small mouth, enjoy tea brought him joy. In the winter, grandfather of the cold, always put themselves wrapped up pretty tight, but is not a bit slack tea, he said winter tea warm stomach, warm heart. As long as he sits down to tea, then do not let go unshakable. Grandfather didn't know anything about the tea, but he loves tea, love tea, alcohol, love tea Qinglie and they love the city, when he was young, he that has left his hometown, to wait until the old retired and returned to his homeland, time to grind away the years of his, but grind to his love of his upbringing land and tea.
& nbsp; & nbsp; father than father tea even more, he and the companionship of a book, and the friends, but more time, he looks to the tea. Father always drink tea, necessary to burn a room full of fragrance, incense, incense have more tea. Father cooked tea tea than the grandfather home office, with exquisite, bottles, it was his baby with tea. After a complex process, to the end of a cup of tea. Father also wrote tea, tea. He always walks in the countryside, visit the tea, for tea, tea history of mining. He put life into tea on the body, although not tea, but he loves tea, tea, tea.
    “ my father once told me: a man should be like the same Tieguanyin loyalty to the foot of the land, do not shake, perseverance. Even in the face of adversity to insist the goal, survive, step by step off difficult. ” two or three years, I have been to this sentence in mind. My father has always been the territory an integral part of my growth, fathers sons, my father and I has maintained a good relationship, at any time, a look, a word, an action, even in a cup of tea can convey my father and I want to exchange information and emotion. My father can open my confused heart, can pull me out from fear of mud, I can open the door closed thinking. He is everywhere, gave me too much, we have long been across the so-called father and son, brothers and feelings.
    loyalty at the foot of the land, this is a spiritual, fragrant city. She gave us each of the Anxi people, a kind of no glory, and this is not yet proud of the light from a magic plant. Because Tieguanyin, my hometown Anxi is changing every day, every hour and moment is not change. Once the old city of old, has been replaced by high-rise buildings. 15 in spring and summer, I grow together with the city, she step by step will mature I tempered, I also witnessed the of her bones stretch, the flesh and blood of lush, she faded the poor, shabby shell, for the festival of colorful costumes. Although the city is changing, but the land is still the land, the growth of a variety of Oolong tea land. Memorable scenes of those displaced from their homes in the old overseas Chinese who return home, they wept, gankaiwanduan. Hometown Anxi changed, but when the cup of tea, still smell the fragrance, taste is still sweet alcohol.
    “ think of the home is not lonely, a total of Yao Hua to listen to the crane. & rdquo; missing in the tea homeland, Xianyao condensed in the snow to brew tea ", as Libai night smelled willow, do not have a taste in the heart. The snowy night, officer Xianyao perhaps sentimental life impermanence, perhaps feeling good Shaohua perishable, the cup of hot tea to comfort him. This is not only in the Tieguanyin tea, is a deep sense of nostalgia is difficult to resolve, and force on the people. Taiwan historian horizontal although not Anxi, but he also loved the Tieguanyin blood soluble in water, indivisible, perhaps with the feelings and the same officer Xianyao, he put on Oolong tea of love and respect, are brought together in a sentence & ldquo; a great-victory should not forget, Zen with card osmanthus heart & rdquo;.
    a new generation of Anxi people, you always wanted to explore the world, open up the sky, and break into a world of their own. If you are in different bitter tired, afraid, back, then suck a mouthful of hometown Tieguanyin, which will enable us to double the courage and storage full strength to meet the challenges. Like, Xianyao, generations of the Anxi children from their homeland to go out, although our bodies left home, left the land, can our heart is deeply buried in the land, because we have belongs to this piece of land, we had a deep love for her, no matter she is poor or not.
& nbsp; & nbsp; several years later, I also will leave growth Tieguanyin this land, foot on the study of the job of the road, but no matter how far I go, my heart will always remember grandfather every day unshakable tea, father and explore the study of tea culture scene, remember the people living on this land for Tieguanyin difficult to let go of the feelings, and their joy and sadness. Tea in the hearts of people, a bowl of human. I would like a grandfather and father, love tea, tea, fengcha the Tieguanyin tea, the hometown branded in my heart, this is love tea every family inheritance, a indelible inheritance, we in the heart of the deep sense of nostalgia. (from "the homeland of tea — — customs inspection Tieguanyin Xie Wenzhe,", World Book Inc, 2013)